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What is Golf Cart Insurance?

Golf cart insurance provides coverage that enables a cart owner to use the cart to leisurely drive around town and while on their property without worrying about having to pay for damages and medical bills resulting from an accident.

Golf cart coverage can also offer compensation if the cart is stolen, vandalized or damaged by severe weather or a natural disaster. In short, golf cart insurance is almost the same as vehicle insurance except that it covers your cart rather than a car, motorcycle or van.

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Do I Have to Have Golf Cart Insurance?

Laws regarding golf cart insurance vary from state to state. Some states require cart owners to purchase insurance for carts traveled

outside the golf course. However, experts highly recommend that anyone who owns a golf cart purchase golf cart insurance.

As the old saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Without insurance coverage, you are liable if your cart causes damage to property or personal injury to another while on the road.

Some golf cart owners are under the impression that their home or vehicle insurance policy also covers their cart. In some instances, this may be the case. Your home’s insurance policy may cover accidents or mishaps occurring on your property. However, any incident that occurs off your property will not be covered. Some types of vehicle insurance also include golf carts; however, this isn’t usually the case.


Knowing what coverage would best suit your needs can be challenging.

The following overview will help you pick a policy that provides just the right amount of coverage for your situation when operating your golf cart, LSV (low speed vehicle) or electric golf car.

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Liability coverage will cover property damage as well as medical bills for those you may have injured in a golf cart accident. This type of coverage is essential because golf carts are responsible for well over ten thousand injuries a year. It is becoming increasingly popular to use golf carts off the golf course, which means that there is always the possibility of hitting another golf cart or a pedestrian.


Golf carts don’t travel as fast as vehicles. However, they are also not usually equipped with seat belts, thus increasing the possibility of injury. Rollover accidents are particularly common and can cause severe damages to those traveling in the cart with you. Medical insurance prevents out of pocket costs from rising into thousands of dollars for medical bills.


Collision coverage is not the same as liability. Liability only pays for damage to another vehicle or person. Collision, on the other hand, pays for damage to your cart. You may not need this form of coverage if you are using your golf cart on a golf course. Resorts or gated communities may carry insurance coverage. However, collision coverage is a must if you intend to drive your golf cart down the road.







How Much Does Golf Cart Insurance Cost?

As with all insurances, golf cart insurances does not fall under one price. It will vary depending on use, travel, miles, drivers’ age (condition) and location. As mentioned above, there is a multitude of factors that will affect costs. Age and experience are essential, as most insurance companies offer lower prices for older experienced drivers than young, inexperienced ones. The size, type, and model of the cart can impact costs, especially when purchasing comprehensive coverage. Location is yet another factor as insurance companies are aware of areas where accidents are commonplace and charge higher fees for those living in these areas.

Thankfully, there are several ways in which golf cart owners can save money when purchasing an insurance policy. Parents may want to add young adult children who are driving the cart to the parent’s plan instead of having the young drivers buy a separate, more expensive policy. Those who have a home, auto and some other form of insurance may be able to bundle golf car insurance with an existing plan. It’s also possible to raise the deductible on the insurance policy. However, it advised researching this change before making any changes. An overly-high deductible can cause financial problems should a mishap occur because you will have to pay a large portion of the expenses out of pocket.


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

“I went to the Golf Cart Insurance website and quickly filled out the form to get quotes on insurance for my golf cart. Within three days I found the perfect policy, thanks guys for all your help.”

Sophia Jones

“I never really thought much about golf cart insurance until I recently purchased a high-end golf cart. I found online and it explained everything and I found a policy that meets my needs.”

Harold Green

“Recently I bought a Legal Street Vehicle and I didn’t know at the time that legally I needed to get insurance on my cart. GCI helped me get into a policy that is super-cheap and now I’m compliant.”

Grant Harvey

“I had no idea i even needed golf cart insurance till i did some research and talk to the guys here, they were very helpful and found me a extremely cheap policy and i was setup and running in 24 hours.”

Kate Lewis


Technically, you don’t need golf car insurance if you only use your cart on the golf course. However, the truth is that it is quite convenient to use the car on the road as well. Given this fact, having insurance for your cart is a wise idea as you can then use your golf cart as often as you need or want. It is better to have the coverage to protect yourself as well as your property in the event that an accident occurs.

How much insurance you need will depend on how often you use the cart, the type of cart you own and who will be driving it. Consider your needs carefully and if necessary talk with one or more insurance company employees to learn more about your policy options. Expert advice, along with careful personal research, will enable you to purchase the insurance policy that offers the right level of protection for your situation. Safe traveling with coverage is a wise choice! Looking for Golf Cart Parts and Accessories? Try

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